Mehregan Industrial Pars company cooperates with experienced experts in the field of refractory materials. This company is also engaged in the production of refractory materials and and the provision of related engineering services. The management of this company has always been focused on continuous improvement, and through this, customer satisfaction is pursued.

1. Gaining trust and meeting customers’ needs.
2. Fulfilling customers’ expectations .
3. Provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase.
4. Trying to identify the factors affecting the quality and have improvement in the quality of new products.
5. Training and improving the knowledge of employees as the main asset of the company, and fostering a good work environment as well as promoting a team-work culture

Considering the above principles, the desired quality is not possible except with the cooperation and consensus of all employees. So all employees make their efforts to achieve this goal.

The Mehregan Industrial Pars company with a long history in the refractory industry, is ready to dispatch all kinds of refractory products for various industries such as casting lines, steel, nickel, heavy metals like alloy and light metals like aluminum to all parts of the country and The Middle East.

. Refractory products
. Precast and ready-to-install modules
. DORIT prefabricated crucibles
. Mica and insulation products
. Lining tools
. Lining services and process optimization

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