Mehregan Industrial Pars

About us

After years of activity in the field of the country’s refractory industry, with the establishment of Mehregan Industrial Pars company , we have been able to take steps toward meeting the various needs of the nation and The Middle East in the refractory industry , with the aim of importing , exporting and producing refractory products.

By cooperating with large reputable international companies, we have managed to be one of the best reliable suppliers of various industrial items without intermediaries and also provide most of the needs of steel, cement, aluminum, copper, metallurgy and foundry industries.
Along with the country’s economic development and to participate in domestic and The Middle East industrial projects, Mehregan Industrial Pars company has invested in co-group companies. This company is under the supervision of research center and a well-equipped laboratory in Germany. Using Iranian and German experts’ knowledge and expertise, Mehregan Industrial Pars company is known as a production-research unit in Iran’s refractory industry.

The only DFP representative in The Middle East

Mehregan Industrial Pars company has started its cooperation with Doerentrup company of Germany since 2011 in order to expand the level of its services , and to facilitate and expedite the import of insulating and refractory products.

The German Doerentrup Feurfestprodukte company was founded in 1901 and DFP is one of the world’s well-known manufacturers of refractory products.
DFP currently has a very strong warehouse of ready-to-deliver products in Bielefeld of Germany. Having an official representative in Iran and The MiddleEast, Mehregan Industrial Pars company is ready to deliver refractory products to different industries in the region.

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